Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pirate Cookies

Who's up for some character cookies today?

Yo Ho Ho!  

It's Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

With my youngest being 7 now and working on his college applications as I type (eyeroll)  we are all WAAAY to old to be watching these cartoons anymore.  Well.  Unless mom has them on "just because".  Then, it's like a hypnotist has come to visit and puts a trance on each and every being in the house - from 7 to 15 - and they HAVE to watch it.  Because they can't look away.  Because of the hypnotist that I mentioned earlier.  But NOT because they're interested.  It's a "baby show".  
(Another eyeroll).  

They haven't figured out they ARE babies.  And in my secret world that I don't tell anyone about (shhhh), they will always be babies.  You understand.  ;)

Loved getting to make these cookies.

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