Friday, March 29, 2013

What Will It BEEEEEE?

This is by and far the coolest thing ever.

About a month or two BEFORE I needed to make this cake, a certain momma-to-be comes knocking at my door with a plain white envelope in her hand.  She's just had her sonogram and was given the envelope to give to me (and another one for the party planner) with the gender of the sweet little person she would be welcoming into their family.

I had to hide the envelope from myself and forget it was there until I was ready to put that cake in the mixer. It was great!  

The theme of their gender reveal party was "What's is gonna BEEE?"

So, I went with the hive.

Are you dying to know what color the cake is??

So you have an inkling what they felt like :)...

 The inside was graduated shades of....


It's a boy!!

Sooo much fun!  And here are the few extras that went along with the cake...

Very very big congratulations to y'all and your new little guy!!  

I'm so excited to get to make his BEE day cake!!!

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