Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Air Force Academy Graduation Cookies

I was asked to make cookies for a graduate from the Air Force Academy.

What an amazing honor!

Of course I accepted.  And learned quite a bit about the meaning of their class crest.  Very cool.  I would encourage you to visit their webpage here to see the meaning of all the elements of their crest.  

I took their crest and broke it up in to little cookie-possible pieces :)

We start with the planes.  The A-10 flanked by two F-22's  represent the 52nd graduating class. 

Next up is the Air Force symbol.

And the patch for the Air Force Academy.

Of course, there's the eagle - which is also represented on the class crest.

Here are the prop and wings.  
This particular graduate was going on to become a pilot, so they were appropriate.  And awesome :)

This last one is their class motto, which means "Never falter, never fail"

These were so so amazing to be allowed to do and I wish all the Academy graduates the absolute very best in whatever comes next. 


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