Monday, January 16, 2012

Mixing it up

I was again honored with the opportunity to make cookies to celebrate a soldier's homecoming.

I just can't tell you how cool that is.  Seriously.

This time around, the cookies represented memories of things that happened while life went on without Daddy.  Thanks to the (also heroic) soldier's wife, I am allowed to share a few of their stories with you.  I'll go ahead and use her words, if you're alright with that :)  They don't all have stories attached, but I've included the pictures of some of the others for you to see.

"I filled  jar with Hershey kisses to give the kids a visual of the number of days until their Daddy came home. Each day, they got a kiss from Daddy, and each day the jar got lower and lower."

"This was a crazy story!!! There was an Afghan who made this for the guys every Friday in the cafeteria, and he would yell out "Chicken Caesar Salad" when he made it. Apparently he got into a brawl with one of the other kitchen guys. As retaliation, the other guys' family shot Chicken Caesar Salad guy (which is how most problems are handled over there by Aghanis). He lived, but my husband didn't get his salad for a while."

"The first is for the baby my husband delivered in Afghanistan (though he is a bone doc), the second is for his brother finding out while he was gone they are having a boy next year.  :)"

 "My son was introduced to this game (Angry Birds) by his Daddy right before he left for deployment. He played it every chance he got, and it was always the topic of conversation between him and his Daddy when we video chatted with him."

"Another game my son was addicted to 
when Ivan was deployed. It's actually 
Nintendo 64's Excite Bike game!"

"We were actually in the New Braunfels newspaper and the Vallejo, CA paper for my husband's assitance in delivering a baby that was believed to be dead."

For an article on this story click HERE.

"Pretty soon after my husband left, our daughter stuck pennies in my car radio. Smart cookie not only ruined the radio but the copper from the pennies blew all the speakers out as well. Priceless moment to see her laughing at the shop as my radio rattled from all the pennies in it as the repair guy shook it to tell me what was inside."

"In addition to painting the entire inside of my house alone, running two half marathons was my goal for while my husband was deployed. I accomplished all my goals. I should have had you write on the shoe "Run for Mom". My Mom died 3 months before Ivan left. She was my best friend outside my husband. 2011 was the worst year of my life... On each run, I wore a shirt that said "Run for Mom" on the front because she was wheelchair bound when she died..."

"We have chickens at our house. I dealt so many times with them being attacked by chicken hawks and raccoons, or having to rally them into the coop at night so they would be safe. One time when I got done packing up the car with the kids for a long trip (which was a chore in itself), I went to feed them and all the chickens escaped from the coop. In the pouring rain I had to try to lasso them back into the coop. Of course I slipped in the mud, and it was one of the moments I hated being a "single mom" - not knowing if I could do it, but I rallied myself and dug deep to make it through."

"This [Facebook] was so much a part of our lives while he was gone that I am thinking of deleting my account I am so tired of it!!! Each night around 10 pm you would find me sitting on Facebook waiting for him to log in so we could type chat to each other for 5 or 10 minutes- the only adult moment I got all day with the person I love."

Don't think I can say much more than that.

Except thank you again for letting me be a part of this celebration.

Welcome home and God bless.

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Carol said...

Wow, incredible story. We just don't realize what those families all go through. Thanks for sharing pics of your cookies and the thoughts behind them!