Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's pretty warm outside in Texas.

Not that I'm complaining - just stating a fact.  The weather is something that I try to be thankful for.  If it was always the perfect temperature, we would take it for granted.  I love the changing weather and what it means, knowing it'll all come around again.  And there's so much to enjoy in whatever season you find yourself in anyway.

Today, though, I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures and the fall and winter holidays.  

I went to the local craft store the other day and they already had their Christmas decorations out.  The day I went in, I was so hot and tired I wanted to cry.  I walked in and felt their mega air conditioners and saw the Christmas decorations and I was filled with hope.  Knowing that this weather will pass and the holidays will be here before we know it!  

I came home and made some fall cookies.

Because Fall will be here - ready or not.

And you know what's next...

And this is my first real season to get to decorate holiday cookies.

I am VERY excited about that!!

Here's hoping your day is filled with hope!!

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Carol said...

Here in MN we aren't complaining about the heat either because we know it won't last and soon we'll be wishing we had the heat instead of the cold! :)

What fun to be able to make such cute holiday cookies!