Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cookie Bouquet for Some Amazing Nurses

I got to make a cookie bouquet!  

First one, so I still have some learnin to do, but overall it wasn't too terrible.

I can also be listed among those who have conquered the elusive Cake Pops.

VERY excited about that.

I made these with the cake pops that Veronika in Australia made in mind.

I had lots of errors on these, but I didn't hear one complaint from anyone in my family.  (They had to "take care of" the ones that didn't work out.  Gotta love those guys:)

This bouquet was made to be given to the incredible nurses at the hospital where our good friend had her baby a few weeks ago.  She came very dangerously close to losing her life with the complications.  The nurses were absolutely amazing and took incredible care of her.  Nursing is something I'm not sure I could ever do myself, but respect and am amazed at those who are called to do it.  

So, to these nurses in particular and to all the nurses who work daily to take care of their patients, I offer my gratitude for your dedication and effort.  

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