Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Year Goes By...

My sweet "little" boy turned four years old today.

He's got big blue eyes and a giggle you can't help but laugh at.

And he LOVES monster trucks.  A guy's guy for sure.

He's showing off his Grave Digger tattoo...

My design team and I went through several very cool ideas and kept ending up with this one.

Not only can he eat his cake, but he can enjoy the toys afterward. 

And reenact the Monster Truck Rally that's happening right on top of his birthday cake!


I even let him play on it...but only just a little.  It is his birthday, right? :)

And just for kicks, we gave the cake a little different "flavor".

Rice Krispy Treat Cake!

Hooray for birthdays and for little boys who have hearts made of the finest gold you'll ever find.

Happy Birthday sweet little man!

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