Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Cake!

My littlest niece turned 4 this month!

And I was commissioned to make her a very special birthday cake.

It was actually a very easy consult with the only initial idea from her being "pink".  

What kind of cake do you want? "Pink"
Sweetie, I'll need a little more than just pink to work with.  Is there anything else you want?


After a little bit of coercion, her mom and I were able to get out butterflies, ladybugs and a heart on a square.  Progress.  Oh, and a rainbow cake.

Well... I wasn't focused when I was baking her cake and completely forgot about the rainbow part.  Uh oh.  For someone who asks so little, it seems important to get what is requested right.  I felt awful.

Then I was blessed with the thought of this tutorial I had been wanting to try out.  This is the link to another one similar in nature.  I thought - why not?  Give a rainbow a shot.  It worked out really well in my mind.  And my husband was reluctant, but so extremely helpful in putting to together.  It was a little nerve racking because you never know the end result until you actually cut the cake.

At the party.

With the guess of honor sitting right there watching you.

I know she's four, but that's irrelevant.

Her opinion definitely matters!

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