Friday, April 15, 2011

Ever Popular Chocolate and Strawberry Combo

I love fresh berry season!  They're delicious and pair up so well with all sorts of things!  Or they're just a great treat by themselves!

Here is the Kahula Fudge Cake with Fresh Strawberry Filling and a Chocolate Buttercream.

Made for a teacher up at the middle school who's birthday is approaching.  

Last year, he rather by accident got this cake instead...

It's a long story.

But he was thrilled with it.  Said he hadn't ever been given a cake like it before.

I kind of hope not, because it's a girlie cake... and he's a guy.

I felt as though I maybe owed him a cake that wasn't so....floral?  So the chocolate cake went up.

He didn't share last year's cake up at school.  

He didn't share this year's cake either.

His cake, right?

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