Monday, February 21, 2011

A birthday story

My baby is one year old.  Actually, he's a little more than that, but this is when I've come to terms with it.

His one year pictures were due and I was struggling to figure out exactly what to do about them.

Enter our neighbor who's decided to try her very talented hand at sewing.  These, ladies and gentlemen, are reversible pants.  Tell me one child this age that doesn't need reversible pants.  And ones this cute?  Yeah, we were thrilled.

So thrilled, I was inspired to match his one year birthday picture cake to it.

That he had nothing to do with. 

Not to worry, though, brothers and sister and cousins were happy to take care of it for him.  

Maybe next year...

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Lisa said...

this is just way too cute. I am so jealous of the talent you and your sister the ablitly to have so many beautiful children. Blessings abound you and your family.